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High Speed Labelling

High Speed Labelling MachineThe demand for faster Print & Apply solutions increases along with higher production rates in manufacturing and distribution operations. MECTEC offers both standard and customized High Speed solutions to meet those demands. Regardless of application, MECTEC’s reliable and robust Print & Apply units are designed to deliver even in the most harsh conditions.

  • Easy to integrate in existing production line
  • Available in right and left mounted versions for better operator comfort
  • Labelling 100 products/min
  • Dual Pad option for halved downtime and doubled printhead lifetime
  • Easy and intuitive interface for communication with other systems
  • Quick and easy access for service
  • Solutions for Master/Slave and Dual Print & Apply

Single Pad

Single blow pad on fast moving cylinder ensures high throughput with uncompromised accuracy.

Single pad

Dual Pad

Perfect solution for labels up to 50 mm in width; synchronized pads allow simultaneous printout of two labels for halved downtime and doubled printhead lifetime.

Dual pad

Many of our popular high speed solutions are based on our Dual Pad concept which doubles the amount of labels on each roll. This allows an increased production rate while downtime for switching labels is halved and printhead lifetime is doubled. For further information, please Contact Us

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